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Interviews & Press


Interview around Adelia Clavien Artworks - Brasilien Newspaper

Empowerment & Adelia Clavien Artworks from Marisa Melo Director & Curator Up Time Art Gallery - São Paulo - Brasil

Marisa Melo Director & Curator from Up Time Art Gallery São Paulo, Brasil talk about my Art-

Youtube Interview about my Artworks by RedLine Radio Lausanne on Youtube Chanel - sound begin at 3:57 minutes

Article from art critic and writer Marta Lock about my work

Interview from Writer Peter de Kuster about me and my work

Youtube Interview (in portuguese) "Tecnologia & Inclusão" with artist Leticia Mercier and Alcinda director Saphira & Ventura

Catalog of Pop Art Artworks wish are presented at "Mercado Arte" virtual exhibition


Some videos of virtual exhibitions. For more videos consult my Youtube Channel

Virtual Pop Art exhibition

Youtube Adelia painting pop art artwork

Youtube video around Adelia Pop Art Artworks - put the sound and enjoy

Youtube video interior decoration with Adelia artworks

Youtube video Adelia Abstract Artworks

Youtube video Empowerment Artworks


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