Adélia Clavien from Miège (VS) was born in Portugal and has been living in Switzerland since 1981.

Although she spent a long time among the artistic community in Valais, she attended her first painting courses and started photography in St Gall where she lived 10 during years. Curious and passionate, Adélia has been fascinated by Arts since she was young and has been working in the IT domain for over 20 years.
As an artist, she works in an autodidactic and passionate manner. She explores various painting technics (acrylic, charcoal, stained glass, sand, resin epoxy etc) and use her knowledge of photography to created original paintings mixed with photography. 

The various presented themes allow us to escape in a colored and mysterious universe – Adelia’s universe.
Adelia works part-time in order to have more time for her artistic activities (photography, painting, music, dancing). Self-educated, she is multitalented, speaks several languages, plays several music instruments, is comfortable with the new technology, and is a naturally open person. In the course of my career, I have already participated in major international solo and group exhibitions in New York, São Paulo, Berlin, Dubai, Venice, Florence, Miami, Durham, Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Berlin etc. and in April 2023 I opened my own gallery (Art for You) in Sierre.Please feel free to have a look at her personal website ( 

Some words about my mixed media (photo & painting)

The mixed technique brings an extra dimension to my works because it is full of elements, textures, details and allows me to explore the interactions between the different media and graphic instruments. The use of a mixed technique offers me immense possibilities of expression and allows me to personalize my artistic language. In painting, we speak of a mixed technique when the colored material contains at least two binders of a different nature or heterogeneous materials. In the history of pictorial technique, artists have often mixed materials to achieve their goals. My "POP ART technique" paintings are compositions containing up to 10 photos superimposed and digitally processed.The base photo and several other superimposed photos that come to bring the artistic side to the base photo. For the paintings shown here, I based some famous cinema person’s and myself on portraits of people around me. For the creation of the artistic effects, I used (macro) details of photos, such as cracked walls, old houses, shadows of plants, rusty objects, graffiti/urban registrations, newspapers/readings, etc etc etc. Once the editing done, the digital image is printed on canvas. The canvas is then painted with different media such: Acrylic, Charcoal, Sand, Stained Glass, Plaster, Judas Bitumen, etc. The whole paint is then covered with epoxy resin. Order on aluminium, plexiglas or paper reproduction is possible. The technique "ABSTRACTS" are spontaneous creations that break with a traditional conception of art and do not represent subjects or objects of the natural world, but forms and colors for themselves. Abstract art can dispense with models and free itself from fidelity to visual reality and thus from mimetic plastic creations. In my abstract works I mainly use marble powder, gesso (plaster) to create structures and acrylic and other media.

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